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Brand Obsession - Glossier

Even before trying anything from the brand Glossier I was a fan, I mean just look at that brand aesthetic, it hits all the basic bitch check marks. Luckily, many of the products live up to the high expectations I had from the packing alone, and I've been a big fan of the bran d for a couple of years now so I thought I would share with you which of the products I'm obsessed with, and a couple that were a flop.

The Incredible:

Boy Brown - A lot of people have raved about this product, and with good reason because this is porbably my favourite product from Glossier. This is a tinted gel brow which will make your brows look lovely, full and fluffy as well as keeping them set all day. I use the shade dark brown and for day to day this is actually the only thing I use on my brows because it's so quick. There is also a clear version too!

Niteshine - This is a liquid highlighter, and I would say it's like a cruelty free version of Benefit's High Beam but a trillion times better. It's not glittery but it is SO shiny and beautiful and non sticky. Love it.

Balm Dot Com - Hands down my absolute favourite lip balm. All of the scents are pretty good but my favourite is the coconut, it smells like Nice biscuits! I've been through tubes of this and have a few in different bags so I never have to go without.

Cloud Paint - I have the shades Dusk, Puff and Beam and I feel like they are all beautiful and somehow magically suit every skin tone. They are a liquid blush and they just look so stunning on the skin. They are super pigmented though and a little goes a long way so be careful with the squeezy tubes as it's very easy to go overboard!

The Good:

Priming Moisturiser - Another product I have been through multiple tubes of. I have normal skin and find this the perfect lightweight moisturiser for me and I use it day and night.

Super Bounce - This product is a serum and quite new to my routine but I've definitely noticed a difference since using it. It contains hyaluronic acid (a very moisturising ingredient) so I apply this before my moisturiser and I love how smooth and even my skin has been feeling since starting this.

Stretch Concealer - This is a really lovely pot concealer. It's super creamy and moisturising so I love using it under my eyes. It is very dewy looking though so you may want to set it with a powder!

Milky Jelly Cleanser - Once again a product I've been through a few tubes of. Although my skin isn't oily my preference is a cleanser that you use with water, although many foam up too much and are very harsh on the skin. This one however, as the name suggests, is very milky and gentle and I think this is just a lovely basic cleanser.

The OK:

Brow Flick - This a brow pen with a nice fine felt tip that will allow you to draw on very natural looking brow hairs. Although this product works fine and I like the finished result, I just think there are better products out there with a wider shade range.

Perfecting Skin Tint - OK so this is actually a product I really like, but my skin has to be PERFECT for it to be able to look good. The coverage on this is so sheer it's pretty much just like tinted water, but for when I am having great skin days I really enjoy this because even though it's only making a tiny difference, I do love the effect.

Haloscope - Another highlighter product, but this time in a stick form. Once again, this product is perfectly fine, it gives a nice sheen to the skin for that lit from within glow, but I prefer something a bit more blinding for highlighter so this is just an OK from me.

Wowder - I really don't have much to say about this powder. It's a finishing powder and it works. So yes, not blown away by any means but it's also not a bad product.

The Nopes:

Futuredew - Pretty much everyone on the internet is loving the latest product from Glossier, apart from me. It's marketed as an oil serum hybrid that should be used as your last step in skincare. Many people love it for the wet look it gives to the skin especially if used on the high points of the face. Yes it definitely gives a great glass like effect to the skin, but for my it just feels too heavy and even towards the end of the day it still feels like it is sitting on top of my skin and if I'm wearing it under makeup my makeup will not last the full day.

Generation G Lipstick - I get that these are meant to be very light tinted lip products, but for me the colour pay off on these is just not there and the texture of the lipsticks feels very waxy to me and this product drags on the lips when I apply it. For a more subtle lip tint I much prefer the Lime Crime Plushies.

So yea that is my opinion on everything I have tried! I use the milk jelly cleanser, super bounce serum, priming moisturiser and balm dot com every day as my regular skin care and I think my skin is looking pretty lush at the moment so if you are going to check out anything, I would definitely start with the skin care. And Boybrow. And Nightshine....


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