• Kelsey Christou

Haven't you blogged before?

Yes, yes I have. Many times.

So why am I starting another one and what's this one all about then?

Well for one thing, something they always teach you is to be consistent with your names across all social media which is why I thought it would be best to just create a brand new blog under the username I go by on Twitter, Twitch and Instagram.

The main reason for starting fresh though is because with past blogs they have always been focussed on just one thing such as, books, fitness, make up etc in the pursuit of chasing dem views because that is what successful blog 101 teaches you, that you should find your niche and stick to it.

I'm kind of totally over that now, my hobbies and likes change constantly which is why my old blogs inevitably ended up dying a slow death so for I am going to try and take a different approach. I want to write about things that I'm really passionate about that I think others would enjoy too and not worry about viewership, being on trend or getting on press lists. I am going to blog when I feel like I have something really worth shouting about so posts will be pretty irregular, but that's OK because I need to remember that blogging should be a fun hobby, not something to obsess about.

Having said all that, I am a giant megalomaniac and love thinking I make an impact on my readers so any comments will 100% make my day and fuel my already giant ego. Also, I appreciate that this post doesn't describe what I will be posting in any way, so just think of it as my twitter feed but with more characters.



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